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By | March 20, 2020

Federal Board Revenue is based on crime in Pakistan this department is create by prime minister of Pakistan in 1995 they based on truth.The main purpose of this institute is provide help to all department but in 2000 it became successfully and achieved to huge part of country then the government of Pakistan decide to grow more then other department in Pakistan they provide him all services in Pakistan.

FBR| Federal Board of Revenue


So the FBR is only one department which provide equally facilities to all All type of problem it not only work for peoples its work for both departments and for people. In present life the government of Pakistan give him rights to help local person they have any kind of issue and problem from any department the FBR team provide him full services.

This is our best luck the government of Pakistan Imran khan lunched application for all type of peoples just for help of peoples if they have any problem from government departments they will take action about all departments.

How to login FBR

How To Login FBR Application

Very easy to login site just provide your own mobile number which is register on your NIC .And you can verify your account by scaning your thumb when you can do this all type of services then just provide your number and click on and provide your password, your password is must be 8 digit because it safe you from other activities of sites which is very helpful for us.

when you can this after that you have be able to do this all type of facilities and focus to that side easily when you done this then simply go to the setting in FBR application after that you just go to about option and check your id.Your id is show in proper sights.

It will be very simple you just copy the sight and save thing in your drive because this is very important for you and for your application if you loss anything in this your account will be closed also verified your account by mobile number.

How To Complain FBR

In compliance with the instructions of Prime Minister of Pakistan, all local and overseas Pakistanis can lodge their complaint against any government department for timely redressal of grievances by Downloading the mobile App of Pakistan Citizen Portal

.This application is very good for all kind of peoples which is related to crime if any department crime in Pakistan and go to take wrong decision the partal application is only one way to take his voice to prime minister Imran khan.

How To Complain In FBR Application

Create your account in Partal Federal Bureau investigation lab and department Revenue The application use is very simple you just create your own account for personal use i will show you how many features or available in FBR application they can mange all types of works you can not be done in your life not go anywhere for help just in home you can manage everything in account for personal uses this account is very safe for you.

You can easily handle everything which is very use for whole peoples.They have provide many access to all over the country they can not leak your information to other people’s.If you want to use this application the method is very simple any very easy to use

Features Of FBR

  1. Municipal Services
  2. Law and Orders
  3. Education
  4. Communication.
  5. Energy And Power
  6. Health
  7. Land and Revenue
  8. Human Rights

Main Purpose Of FBR Application

This application provides the active or inactive FBR ATL(Active Tax List) tax filer status for both: income tax and sales tax. Enter your NADRA CNIC (citizenship) number or scan its QR-code to find out your income tax filing status currently and historically on specific dates.

For sales tax, you may enter your company’s/firm’s NTN number to find out the details of your current filing status.Furthermore, you may also check your registration details with FBR such as NTN number, Address, Registration Date and Office, etc.

Uses Of Partal Citizen Of Pakistan

Create your account just then login your main account in application after that you can select your purpose for this side.Then select the solution of your question when you put this to your site they will take action on your sighte and send you a notification in minimum 15 days they will take action.

The main purpose of this application is providing honesty to bring all peoples in the world when the service is good you can easily manage every thing but Don,t be get loss, Federal is the best portal citizen application for all over the world.

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